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Supreme Champion and Farro Earth Champion at the Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards 2023

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Excellent, amazing flavour and aroma and a nice little sweetness at the end. An awesome product all round. The favourite product we tasted all day!”

Judge: Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards 2023

"I have to say - your product is superlative!  Soft and buttery - not anything like I've ever tasted before!  We add them to our own breakfast mix and I have taken to snacking on them as well.

I'm addicted!"


"Your processing of my order was extremely fast. The nuts arrived impressively quickly. They are exceptional! I’ve bought pine nuts all over the world, cooked them in some fancy restaurants and eaten them all over the Mediterranean and yours are some of the best I’ve used."


"The pine nuts taste delicious, I have never tasted pine nuts like these before...I think your Pinoli nuts actually have a very subtle  “Piny” or “resiny” taste, which I find amazing and this is probably how they are supposed to taste. "

Ziggy (trained chef from Germany, in a previous life) 

Just wanted to say, what a brilliantly easy process it was to put in an order for more pine nuts!

If only all online purchasing was as fast and uncomplicated!


Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards 2021

We harvest cones every year, and carefully extract and prepare the kernels

The kernels are a highly nutritious natural and ancient food prepared fresh for our customers


Mediterranean stone pine

About Pinoli

About us

Cawthron Marlborough Environmental Awards

Healthy and Nutritious

Pinoli pine nuts are a healthy and nutritious natural whole food. They contain the highest protein count of all nuts (34% by weight). They have an elegant shape, a delicate texture and distinctive taste. The only chemicals used in producing Pinoli pine nuts are for grass control at time of planting. After that our orchards are free of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, and our factory uses only pure filtered water and heat. We take great pride in bringing this natural and ancient food product to market from new and sustainable orchards.

Pine nuts maybe eaten raw but are usually toasted or roasted to bring out the flavour. The only times we prefer to use them raw are when they will become toasted, fried or roasted during the cooking of the recipe.

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